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NTN Bearings is a global manufacturer of high-quality bearings and other precision mechanical parts. The company’s success is based on its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. This commitment is reflected in NTN Bearings’ company culture and values, which are focused on continuous improvement, teamwork, and social responsibility.

Continuous Improvement

At NTN Bearings, continuous improvement is a core value. The company is committed to developing and implementing new technologies, manufacturing processes, and quality control systems that improve product performance, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. To achieve this, NTN Bearings invests heavily in research and development, and it fosters a culture of innovation and experimentation.


Another key value at NTN Bearings is teamwork. The company recognizes that success is not achieved by individual effort alone but through the collective effort of the entire organization. NTN Bearings encourages collaboration among its employees and provides them with opportunities to develop their skills and expertise. This creates a culture of trust and respect, where employees are empowered to contribute their ideas and work together to achieve common goals.

Social Responsibility

NTN Bearings also values social responsibility. The company recognizes the impact its operations can have on the environment and the communities in which it operates. To mitigate these impacts, NTN Bearings has implemented policies and programs that promote environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic development. The company also encourages its employees to engage in volunteer activities and to contribute to charitable causes.


NTN self-aligning ball bearing
NTN tapered roller bearing

In conclusion, the company culture and values of NTN Bearings are focused on continuous improvement, teamwork, and social responsibility. These values guide the company’s operations and are reflected in its commitment to producing high-quality products, fostering a collaborative work environment, and promoting sustainable business practices. NTN Bearings’ success is a testament to the effectiveness of this culture and the value it brings to its customers, employees, and communities.

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