NTN Miniature and Small Size Ball Bearings FLWA674ASA

NTN Deep groove ball bearings are very widely used. A deep groove is formed on the inner and outer ring of the bearing enabling the bearing to sustain radial and axial loads in either direction as well as the complex loads which result from the combination of these forces. Deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high speed applications.

When two or more deep groove ball bearings   are used in combination and mounted adjacent   to each other a duplex set (D2) should be used.   Duplex bearings (D2) utilize controlled tolerances to more evenly distribute the loading between  the individual bearing rows which improves the overall performance of the assembly.

In addition to unsealed and unlubricated “open”bearings, NTN provides deep groove ball  bearings that are pre-lubricated with grease and enclosed by seals or shields. See section“11.

Lubrication”for a list of some of the greases which can be used.


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NTN Deep Groove Ball Bearings.

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Bearing numbers With Mass (approx.) g
Open type With flangedOR Open Open type type   with flange
single and single
shield With  double shield Open type with flange shield
68/1.5     W68/1.5SA SSA FL68/1.5      FLW68/1.5SA 0.07 0.09
69/1.5A  W69/1.5ASA SSA FL69/1.5A   FLW69/1.5ASA 0.18 0.24
60/1.5     W60/1.5ZA ZZA FL60/1.5      FLW60/1.5ZA 0.35 0.42
672                — —                    — 0.06
682         W682SA SSA FL682          FLW682SA 0.13 0.17
BC2-5    WBC2-5SA SSA —                    — 0.16
692         W692SA SSA FL692          FLW692SA 0.31 0.38
BC2-6            — FLBC2-6                — 0.32 0.38
BC2-7A         — ZZA FL602          FLW602ZA 0.44 0.64
602         W602ZA 0.54
67/2.5     W67/2.5ZA ZZA —                    — 0.11
68/2.5     W68/2.5ZA ZZA FL68/2.5      FLW68/2.5ZA 0.22 0.26
—        WBC2.5-7ZA ZZA —         FLWBC2.5-7ZA 0.63) 0.673)
69/2.5     W69/2.5SA SSA FL69/2.5      FLW69/2.5SA 0.43 0.53
BC2.5-8 WBC2.5-8ZA ZZA FLBC2.5-8             — 0.57 0.65
60/2.5     W60/2.5ZA ZZA FL60/2.5      FLW60/2.5ZA 0.72 0.83
673         WA673SA SSA FL673          FLWA673SA 0.2 0.26
683         W683Z ZZ FL683          FLW683Z 0.33 0.38
BC3-8            — FLBC3-8                — 0.52 0.6
693         W693Z ZZ FL693          FLW693Z 0.61 0.72
BC3-9    WBC3-9ZA ZZA FLBC3-9     FLAWBC3-9ZA 0.71 0.79
603         W603Z ZZ FL603          FLW603Z 0.92 1
623         623Z ZZ FL623          FL623Z 1.6 1.8
674A      WA674ASA SSA FL674A       FLWA674ASA 0.28 0.35
BC4-8    WBC4-8Z ZZ FLBC4-8     FLWBC4-8Z 0.38 0.46
684AX50 W684AX50Z ZZ FL684AX50 FLW684AX50Z 0.67 0.76
BC4-10  WBC4-10Z ZZ FLBC4-10   FLAWBC4-10Z 1 1.1
694         694Z ZZ FL694          FL694Z 1.8 2
604         604Z ZZ FL604          FL604Z 2.1 2.3
624         624Z ZZ FL624          FL624Z 3.2 3.5
634         634Z ZZ —                    — 5.1

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