KOYO Bearings, a subsidiary of JTEKT Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of bearings and

automotive components globally. The company is renowned for its quality products, which are widely

used across various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and others. KOYO

Bearings has a strong focus on innovation and research, which has helped the company stay ahead of

the curve in terms of product development and technology. This article explores the innovation and

research efforts of KOYO Bearings and their impact on the industry.

Continuous Innovation:
KOYO Bearings has a long history of innovation in the bearing industry. The company has invested

heavily in research and development, with a significant portion of its revenue dedicated to new

product development. KOYO Bearings has introduced several innovative products, including the EXSEV

series of bearings, which feature improved durability, high speed capabilities, and longer service

life. The company has also developed advanced materials and lubrication technologies that enhance

the performance of its products.

Research and Development:
KOYO Bearings has a dedicated research and development team that works on developing new

technologies, materials, and products. The team collaborates with industry experts and universities

to identify and explore new opportunities for innovation. The company has established research

centers in several locations globally to ensure it stays at the forefront of technological

advancements. These centers conduct extensive research on new materials, lubrication technologies,

and bearing designs to improve the performance and longevity of the company’s products.

KOYO Bearings has established strong partnerships with leading companies in various industries to

collaborate on research and development projects. The company works closely with its partners to

identify new trends and opportunities for innovation. KOYO Bearings has also partnered with

universities and research institutions globally to explore new technologies and materials that can

be applied to the bearing industry.

Innovation in Manufacturing:
KOYO Bearings has also made significant advancements in its manufacturing processes to improve the

quality and consistency of its products. The company has invested heavily in automation and robotics

to streamline its production processes, reduce waste, and increase efficiency. KOYO Bearings has

also implemented advanced quality control systems that ensure all products meet the highest industry


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KOYO Bearings’ commitment to innovation and research has positioned the company as a leader in the

bearing industry. The company’s focus on new product development, advanced materials, lubrication

technologies, and manufacturing processes has helped it stay ahead of the curve in terms of product

quality and performance. KOYO Bearings’ dedication to collaboration with industry experts and

research institutions has also contributed to the company’s success. The future looks bright for

KOYO Bearings, with its continuous focus on innovation and research set to keep the company at the

forefront of the industry.

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